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Sandy and Steve

As a nine year, old a voice in the dark told me to ask God for love, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. I looked up the words in dictionary and I did seek Him, with all earnest and sincerity. With no religion, I knew Him as an evening star until I was 21 when I bought my first Bible.
He gave me a life so full of challenges. I chose to make the best of them knowing He was with me and understanding that I wanted to help people be the best they can be, and for me, experience was a great teacher. I not only endured, I thrived to be able to walk with you and encourage you and without reservation say, "Yes, you can!"

I have loved and been married to Steve Charbonneau, retired Chief Information Officer of Navy Region Northwest, since 1977.  We have raised four children and have 6 grandchildren. And many more children, now adults, whom I call my own.


I closed my real estate business in 1980 and continued to invest for myself as a stay-at-home mom.  I had invested my “retirement monies” from my being forced to leave accounting position at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard when they wouldn’t provide me with a smoke free place to work in 1977. 

(You’ll see, I am a sensitive.)   I bought rental properties because I wanted to provide clean, safe homes for people.  I used the property equities to buy more and worked them myself, i.e., cleaning, painting, marketing, landscaping,  etc. 


I managed Charbonneau Unlimited while raising our young children on our two acre “farm” .  They had all of their childhood illnesses, allergies, doctor appointments and a flurry of activities and vacations.  I raised an organic garden, preserving the vegetables for our yearly needs.  Having grown up with a compost bucket on the kitchen sink, it’s a natural for me to compost.  We raised chickens for eggs.  We had ducks, geese, muskovies, fish aquariums, hermit crabs, salamanders, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, llamas, a pony, puppies, dogs and cats.  And lots and lots of kids coming to play, party, and spend the night.


I never believed I would say:  “I am a recovering catholic“.  Along with my family, I dedicated 30 years to serving/volunteering with the local catholic church.  In liturgy services as a lector for 25 years, praying in the chapel before mass that the congregation would here the apostle‘s voice and not my own, as I read the New Testament from Bible to them from the lectern.  In the religious education program as a teacher for 25 years, weekly loving and serving 3 year olds through high school and adult programs.  I was also an active member of the education board and served a term as Chairperson of Parish Council.  I made food and served at funerals.  I offered classes and workshops in my home for those seeking baptism for their children, marriage, family planning, and receptions.  I deadheaded the gardens and cleaned the facility.  I was asked to speak at training workshops.  I took continuous training throughout the archdiocese. We once entertained five priests from various countries and four continents, in the same evening at our dinner table.  (A comment was made that the roof may blow off.)  My family was awarded “The Archdiocesan Family of The Year” and invited to a special mass at St. James Cathedral in recognition.  As you can see, my family spent a good portion of our lives at church, when not at home.  Then, the abuse came to the surface.  My family personally was involved in the deceitful and hateful actions of the church authorities to cover up misconduct by their priests and employees.


Ask me about Spirituality vs. Religion.  I know God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit intimately.  This was a large portion of time of my life dedicated to being here on earth.  I loved deeply and have only one regret.


I have home educated my four children: 

Two daughters have received University Degrees, Music Pedagogy and Chemical Engineering.  My third daughter earned an Associate of Business and my son an Associate of Computer Science.  They have worked at least one part time job and sometimes three at a time, while getting these degrees and continued their extracurricular interests as well. 

I have been a shopkeeper since 2000 in a historical waterfront port.  This business began as a home education project for my two youngest.  It continues to give people job experience and a heart to our community.


Happily I also continue to love, serve, provide, and teach our community with Reiki energy care through my Body and Soul Care, llc business.




Business & Real Estate, Investments, Marriage, Spiritualality, Stress & Truama, Church Abuse, Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Extraordinary Women

Owner:  Body and Soul Care, llc

I am here to walk along side you while you re-fill and full-fill your health, energy, and dreams. My gifts to share are from God, Experience, and Time; along with skills in Biblical Life Coaching, Usui/Tibetan Reiki Energy, Marriage Mentoring, Stress and Truama Care, with emphisis for Extraordinary Women. Call Me - I Care. I am Certified and Insured and available for private or group sessions, and by phone or email.
Also, Art Journaing Classes and Dream Journaling Workshops are popular. Call for times and fees. First session 50% of fee.

The Candy Shoppe, LLC

Established November 2000 to Present

        Biblical Counseling
    • Life Coach
    • Light University (Amercian Association of Christian Counselors)
  • Marriage Mentoring

    • Light University (Amercian Association of Christian Counselors)

         Caring for Extraordinary Women

    • Light University (Amercian Association of Christian Counselors) 
  • Stress and Trauma Care

    • Light University (Amercian Association of Christian Counselors) 
  • The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT)

    • Professional Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher 


Peninsula & Olympic Colleges, St. Martins, Light University

Business, Accounting, Real Estate, Christianity

My past experience helping the public with real estate investments, concentrating on my own investments and owning my own small businesses for ten years, gives me additional insight for Life Coaching.
My extensive experience with religion has taught me to know the diffence between being Spirtual and Religious.

Groups and Associations:

American Association of Christian Counselors ( AACC)
Christian Coaching Alliance (CCA)
Hands-On Trade Association
Professional Member International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT)
Chamber of Commerce Port Orchard
Pre-Paid Legal Services

    Honors and Awards:

    YWCA Woman of Achievement 2010
    Best Chocolate/Candy Shop of South Kitsap 2009
    Best Chocolate/Candy Shop of South Kitsap 2010
    Best Chocolate/Candy Shop of South Kitsap 2011




    Port Orchard, WA
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