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Try Brisk Walking- It's Been Shown to be Good for the Brain

One of the best things we can do for our health is to start walking. Brisk walking for 30 minutes per day benefits your heart, lungs, muscles, blood pressure and bones. Researchers at the Uni­versity of Pittsburgh have released a study recently that shows walking a few miles per week can stall the progress of Alzheimer's disease. Just 5 miles per week resulted in better memories, big­ger brains and improved mental ability compared to those with a sedentary lifestyle. A recent study led by Dr. Arthur F. Kramer at the University ofTIlinois-Urbana showed that in addition to building your muscles, walking also builds the connectivity between brain circuits. This is im­portant as we get older since these connective networks diminish and become dysfunctional with age. Simple daily tasks and skills such as planning, scheduling, and multi-tasking are all affected It did take a full year to reap the full benefits though. A control group that just did stretching, toning and strengthing exercises saw no cognitive benefits. Other research from the Harvard School of Public Health tracking more than 18,000 women ages 70-81, concluded that walking 1-1/2 hours per week at a pace of one mile in 16-20 minutes gives the full cognitive benefits.


Jesus sent them to proclaim the loving counsel of God and to heal the sick. (Luke 9: 2)


As a spiritual Life Coach, my job is to help you to uncover the truth that is within you. Through objective listening and attentive presence, I am able to help you discover the answers to the questions of your life:

·         Who Am I?

·         How can I cultivate a life of peace and joy?

·         What are my gifts and how am I being called to use them?

·         What are the inner blocks preventing me from claiming my most authentic self?

Through my ability to hear  your truth behind your words, I will help you to listen to your inner self for the glory that is waiting to be revealed.

My desire is to assist people who come to me, in making a difference in their own lives.  To show them a way to relax and let God empower them.  To know they are forgiven and to take responsibility for their lives.  Then, with the grace of  Divine Love and Light, clarify their truths, know and love themselves, and walk in Health.  Living a fulfilling, prosperous life sharing in joy and riches.  I want to help you help others. 
I Believe.


How I assist.  I ask Holy Spirit and thank him for flowing through me, being the Power of God, and into the person, for whom I am caring.  I allow a resonance between myself, a clean, clear energy force, by getting out of  my mind’s way, releasing all ego.  Healing flows into the area of need producing deep relaxation.  This holy Reiki energy is intelligent.  I need not tell it what to do.  I claim no superior knowledge; only love and light and a desire to help others attain their mental and physical health for the most highest purpose for all.  Reiki aids traditional medicine; sometimes reducing the strength of drugs needed and facilitates  recovery from mental & physical stress, injury, or surgery.

It Helps.


My authority.  Yes, I have a continuing higher education like many.  I have even more extensive, eclectic life experiences.  I survived a near death experience, maybe two.  At nine, I began earnestly wishing on stars (no formal religion) for love, knowledge, understanding, & wisdom .  I learned to be serious and specific, He answers prayers.  I want to help, I understand.   I trust in Jesus Christ.  He gives each of us power and authority over demons, and to heal diseases.  I believe Jesus did not separate one from the other.  If I pray for the sick, Biblically, I must be prepared to cast out demons.  I first held The Holy Bible as a young adult, a college graduate.  I read it filled with psychic feats and phenomena.  Even the existence of the Judaeo-Christian tradition is based on the paranormal.   I read and I believed.   I personally knew these things were true.  Then, the church I joined said no, the paranormal is the devil’s work.  A bit confusing, me a sinner, what did I know.  So, I tried to control my God Given Gifts.  Now, I Am with God  who is with me and He has the unending power...

So Be It.




Often we are not aware of how negative energy goes out like ripples through the air and makes contact with everyone in its path. Your body picks up this unhealthy energy and suddenly your behavior changes. It is important to check your energy on a daily basis and clear all the emotional and mental baggage that you may have picked up.

Some of us are "sensitive sponges." We pick up energy pretty easily from family members, friends, and strangers. This unwanted energy can zap us of vitality, cause or intensify self-destructive patterns, and hinder our wellness .

An exercise, which is done in the shower, is excellent if you have been in a lot of emotional turmoil. It will help clear out all unwanted energy that has been projected on to you by others.

Stand in the shower, close your eyes and think of the water as cleansing energy that is washing away all the mental debris of the day. Some incident or person may come to mind as you do this. Take a breath and let the water wash away that unhealthy energy. As the water falls on your head, imagine it going through your body like streams of cleansing light. All the negative thought forms are leaving your energy field, exiting your feet, and going down the drain. Continue to envision the water washing away any excess energy that is not your own.

Important:  As it goes down the drain, you feel lighter and cleaner inside as well as outside. Once all the energy that is not yours is gone, imagine the water filling you with good, pure, healthy energy. You feel every cell in your body being restored with white light and love. You will feel invigorated and ready to share your day.


When we live pain-free and stress-free, we are able to make better decisions, respond more appropriately to stressors, and improve our overall quality of life.  We are more pleasant to be around and attract more joy in our lives.  (A relaxing, and healing Reiki session can also re-fill your body and soul.)